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Valentine Love for the Most Important Person in Your Life

Who is that?

I hope you said yourself. I did. For one thing, it saves me from making an impossible "Sophie's Choice", choosing between children. Impossible. But Me; I'll always be there and always have been, so I deserve some love. And so do you. I've been there for all the hard times. Even the ones no one else knew about.

So Valentine love to yourself is well deserved.

You've hung in there no matter what. You figured out solutions for your problems. You found ways to get through it all. You managed to find a way. You've kept all the secrets. You've celebrated all the goals met. So celebrate what you like about yourself.

I believe in rewards. Reward yourself with something you will appreciate. Buy yourself flowers or a special kitchen gadget you've been wanting. Indulge in a fun activity. Go for a special walk. Call a friend. Have some chocolate!

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