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Indulgent Shopping - Happy Birthday to Me

I'm just about to have a birthday. I've been giving gifts to myself for years. I always appreciate my own gifts, because I know exactly what will make me smile. I know what my heart desires. I know what would be a treat to make my special day shine. Some years I've spent more than others.

This year I popped into Hamman's Gallery and Gifts in Barkley Square for a birthday shopping spree because I know they have everything I crave. They have beautiful scarves, sweet smelling lotions and soaps, specialty soups and jams, and colorful gifts of all kinds. The art displayed is lovely. They even carry my books, my series of lessons from cats, so I feel lucky to be included in the store and I have a ready excuse to check out their newest puzzles and fragrances. I've often bought gifts there for other people. So when it was my birthday coming up, I gave myself the gift - to grab a basket and fill it with things that make me happy. A dose of self indulgence was well appreciated.

And of course, I bought myself more tulips for my living room. I love color. It inspires my art and makes me feel joyful.

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