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Silly Story Party Games

Each game includes instructions, a silly story with blank portions numbered to be filled in by guests, and lists of items for ten party guests to fill in, that will eventually be part of the story,

 thus making it pretty darn silly.

                                 Each game is beautifully hand-bound with Japanese ribbon binding.

                                                       Spooky Silly Story - A Party Game for Halloween

                                                      A witch needs help from her ghost friend to to find potion                                                              ingredients to help her get unstuck before Halloween

                                                        $10 plus $6.99 shipping - Order information on Contact Page

                                                        The Elf's Magic Button - A Party Game for Christmas

                                                        A Christmas Elf looks for the Magic Button that will                                                                        reenergize the North Pole workers in time for Christmas

                                                       $10 plus $6.99  shipping - Order information on Contact Page

                                                         A Snowy Silly Story - A Party Game for Winter

                                                        The town's snowman building contest is about to begin but                                                            there is a problem: there is no snow

                                                        $10 plus $6.99 shipping - Order information on Contact Page


                                                          A Superhero Silly Story - A Birthday Party Game 

                                                         The birthday person has a secret identity, in fact, is a                                                                    superhero with many superpowers -  In this story, your                                                                superhero friend's mission is to find stolen goods and a thief                                                           $10 plus $6.99 shipping                                                     

                                                        A Star-Crossed Silly Story - A Bridal Shower Party Game 

                                                       The true story of how the bride and groom met is revealed,                                                             or is it?  It's all in fun.

                                                         $10 plus $6.99 shipping


A ghost helps a witch friend to get out of a sticky situation
Help the Christmas Elf find the magic button and save Christmas.
The snowman building contest is ready to go but there is one problem;  NO Snow!
The truth about your birthday person is that they are a superhero with special powers.
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