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Car Detectives
Activity books for the road
"Screen Free Fun for the Whole Family"


Eleven different missions
Car Detectives Look at AnimalsSample:  Deer - These great athletes can leap across streams 30 feet wide, jump over fences 10 feet high, and run 45 miles an hour while dodging trees and boulders.  Find a deer crossing sign.  Location ___ Road ___ Did you see deer? ___ Is this an area of forest or grass? ___ Was there deer fencing along the road? _____

Car Detectives Look at Colors - Sample:  White - White is both all colors and none.  You cannot mix other colors to make white, but when all the colors are absorbed the object reflects white. Our eyes see white objects as lighter in weight than black objects.  Find a white camper.  Does it have a colored stripe or other trim?___ What color is the truck? ___ Imagine what the camper would look like if it were black.  Would it look heavier? ___

Car Detectives Look at Cultures - Sample:  Germany - Craftsmen from the second largest ethnic group in America were the first to successfully make glass in this country.  Find a building with more than five windows.  Location ___ Street ___ Is it a residence? ___ How many windows did you see? ___ What shape were the windows? ___

Car Detectives Look at Fences - Sample:  Stone wall - Stone walls were first just field stones piled up by farmers.  Later mortar and plaster were added to form walls around cities or to build castles or other fortifications.  Location ___ Road ___ Have the stones been cut? ___ Are they mostly the same size or do they vary in size? ___ What color are the stones? ___ Could you climb this wall ___ What is on the other side? ___

Car Detectives Look at Gardens - Sample:  Garden Sculpture - People may put art objects in their gardens as part of its design.  Find a statue, fountain, piece of driftwood, wagon wheel, ship's anchor, or old farm tool in a garden.  Town ___ What did you find? ___ What is it made of? ___ What would you choose to put in your garden? ___

Car Detectives Look at Imagination - Sample:  Cloud formations - The cloud south of you looks just like a ________.  It once was that.  Yesterday an evil ____ changed it into a cloud to punish it for ______.  The only way to break the magic spell that keeps it drifting endlessly above  you is___ How can you help?____

Car Detectives Look at People - Sample: Uniforms - At some jobs you don't have to decide what to wear to work.  Everyone wears a uniform.  Find someone wearing a uniform for their job.  Location ___ What is the job? ___ Describe the uniform ____  If you were asked to redesign their uniform, what would you change? ____

Car Detectives Look at Recreation - Sample: Horseback riding - Riders may call themselves equestrians.  Location ____ Street ___ Color of horse ___ Was rider wearing cowboy boots? ___ Was rider using a saddle? ___ Approximate age of rider ___ Was horse walking or trotting? ___

Car Detectives Look at Signs - Sample:  Sign about Food - Signs may tell about places to eat or kinds of food.  Location ___ Road ___ Message reads _____ Sign is made of ___ Is sign lighted?  ___ Would you like to eat this food? _____

Car Detectives Look at Stores - Sample:  Grocery Store - Did  you know that in the back of every grocery store there are t least two big refrigerators and a freezer to keep their extra produce, dairy, deli products, meat and frozen items?  And some are big enough for a game of handball!  Location ___ Name of store ___ What was outside the store for sale? ___ Which is  your favorite aisle? ____

Car Detectives Look at Trucks - Sample:  Dump Truck - Dump truck beds lift up to dump the load out the open tailgate.  Town ___ Road ___ Empty or full? ___ Contents of load? ___ Covered load? ___ Color of cab ___ Company name ___

Interesting facts and a challenge about animals
Interesting facts and a challenge about colors
Interesting facts about legacies from different cultures with a challenge
Interesting facts about fences with a challenge
Different kinds of gardens to discover on road trips
Use your imagination to make  your road trip exciting
A challenge to look for different kinds of people
Interesting facts and a challenge about recreational activities
A challenge to look for different types of signs
Interesting facts and a challenge about stores
A challenge to look for different kinds of trucks

To order: Email  with name of book and quantity  - books are $6 each

              Please note that cover colors will vary.

              Shipping is $7 for one to five books

                              $8 for six to ten books

                              $9 for eleven to fifteen books

                              $10 for sixteen to twenty books

                             $12 for over twenty books

                If you live in Washington State, please add 9.1% Washington state sales tax to subtotal of                         books and shipping

               I'll do the math for you and send an invoice for direct payment by email....  it's easy!

                Don't forget to give me your shipping address.  


                If you have a store and would be interested in wholesale information, please request the                            wholesale catalog and order sheet.  

Available for purchase at Whatcom Art Market and Art & Happiness in Bellingham, WA, Bad Rock Books, Columbia Falls, MT, Lone Pine State Park Visitor Center, Kalispell, MT, and Flathead Lake State Park Visitor Centers.

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