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In my "spare time", I thought it would be great to brush up on my junior high Spanish and Conversational Spanish for Court Workers class.  This free time was back when I was still looking for the last few interviewees for Blissfully Single.  This bright ideas resulted in a translation of Midnight and Moonlight to Spanish.  with a lot of help from Google Translator and my friends:  Susana Alfonso, Mary Michaelson and Spanish professor at Western Washington University, Sean Dwyer,  Dos Amigos, Una historia de la amistad is done.  I read it at Village Books at the first ever Spanish Open Mike on January 27, 2020.

Twelve Secrets of Happily Ever After Couples, A Love Prescription - third edition of my relationship book is now live on Amazon and Kindle - Paperback and E book

Exclusive to my Facebook followers - I am posting preliminary sketches from my book in progress, Shadow Walkers - click on the facebook symbol at the bottom of the page or go to - press the Like button to get regular updates

Blissfully Single, non fiction self help, about finding your joy as a single person is in editing.   It's written!  I will be editing it myself about umpteem times before I consider it ready to pass to other editors.  The editing is going well .. I work on it every day and it is getting better and better, more cohesive, more complete, and more information..  There are ten chapters following a prologue telling the story of how it was created.  I am posting information about the chapters on my facebook author page at Https:// 

My sketches for Shadow Walkers, The Secret Lives of the Shy Sisters, are almost done..  My sketch book is almost a book in itself.  I have also started some sketches for the book that will come after Shadow Walkers.  Yes.. one more is planned.  Montana Cats who live in a yurt and come out in the snow to watch the animals of Montana.  

NEW!!!!!  Midnight and Moonlight has a new look!  I have my rights back so I republished it as Midnight and Moonlight, A Tale of Two Cats.... with a similar cover but the price is reduced to $11.99 so you can now buy it online at the same price as the retail stores!...   Also available as a Kindle book for $2.99.  The buy it button on the Books page will take you to that book's page on Amazon.. where you can also read reviews..

People often ask me if my books are available at the library...   that's easy... all you have to do is ask your librarian to order them and they will. 

Whether it is for special birthday or just for fun ..  My lessons from a cat books make great gifts for all ages!  Reading level is officially 6 years and up,  however, my cat stories appeal to all ages of cat lovers who appreciate the quirks of feline behavior.  Whether adults read the books to kids or for their own pleasure, they get the "feel goods" too.   


Tevye The Magical Theater Cat - I am still contacting community theaters, looking for opportunities to partner with them, so I can give away my profits!    A portion of proceeds from every sale is donated to community theaters.   This book is being offered as a fundraiser for community theater groups to sell at concessions, online store items, directly or at their community arts events.  I am really excited about the promotions for this book! So far checks have been sent to Blaine Community Theater, Lynden Performing Arts Group, Bellingham Theater Guild, Stage West Community Theater, and Big Forks Summer Playhouse.  I am hoping to see that list grow as support for community theater continues.


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