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Peggy writes about life lessons.  Her "not just for children" cat series gives life lessons from a cat's point of view.  Her nonfiction books provide self help information for single people and for people in relationships.  Find out more about how they came to be on the Bio page.

Montana Cats, A Tale of Winter

Montana Cats, A Tale of Winter

Numi and Jayki are champion wildlife watchers who live in a yurt in Northwest Montana.  Every day they slip outside to explore the diversity of nature in the Big Sky State.  In winter, the white cover gives these white cats extra camouflage for their adventures.  The reader accompanies these cats as they find animals and birds to observe.  Sometimes they even see animals watching other animals.  At the end of the day, cats separate from the winter wildlife to return to the cozy yurt where they enjoy the comforts of domesticity, curling up in warm places to dream about springtime. The illustrator gives readers of all ages an overview of wildlife found in Flathead County, which includes a portion of Glacier National Park.  This educational book was accomplished with the aid of Montana State Park Ranger, Derrick Rathe, who assisted by identifying species who could be seen in wintertime in the area. Visitor center staff from Lone Pine State Park helped me find resources materials about the animals, so also a thank you to Park Ranger Julia Smith.

Available now as paperback or Kindle on Amazon.  Find it now at Hamann's Gallery and Gifts, Village Books, Allied Arts, The Lightcatcher Museum Store, and Whatcom Art Market, in Bellingham. In Montana, find it now at Bad Rock Books, Columbia Falls, Lone Pine State Park Visitor Center, Flathead Lake State Park Ranger Station.

First Prize from Chanticleer Book Reviews Little Peeps Children's Books 2022 and honorable mention winner from Purple Dragonfly 2022 

Shadow Walkers, The Secret Lives of the Shy Sisters

Shadow Walkers,                                        The Secret Lives of the Shy Sisters

Not everyone likes to be the center of attention. That includes those who are interesting and talented in many ways.  Bridget and Fiona are two sisters who prefer to keep their talents and interesting lives to themselves.  Shadow Walkers allows the readers a glimpse into the private lives of two shy cats who have much to offer, if only they didn't hide it.  If you knew the interesting bits about the quiet ones,  you would find it well worth the time to discover more about them.  The illustrator encourages the reader to find details of interest throughout the book.  Order paperback or Kindle online or through your favorite bookstore.  Now being sold at Hamann's Gallery and Gifts, Barkley Square, and Village Books and Whatcom Art Market, in Fairhaven, and Allied Arts and the Lightcatcher Museum Store in Bellingham, WA and at Bad Rock Books in Columbia Falls, Montana.

First prize from Chanticleer Reviews in the 2021 Little Peeps Early Readers Book Contest.

Tevye the Magical Theater Cat, An Introduction to Community Theater

Tevye The Magical Theater Cat


Tevye was just an ordinary tabby until she wandered through a door and into the magical world of theater.  Tevye leads the readers on a journey of discovery as she experiences the fun and wonder of a local stage production.  She dances on the stage and sees ordinary people enter and be transformed into extraordinary people.  Theater magic spreads over everyone involved.  Tevye also sees the family created by theater and finds a forever family of her own. In the end, she notes that everyone has magic, if you look.

In the spirit of Tevye's celebration of community theater, a portion of proceeds from sales of this book is donated to local community theaters.

Available now in Bellingham, Washington at Hamann's Gallery and Gift shop in Barkley Square and in Whatcom Art Market in Fairhaven, Allied Arts and Lightcatcher Art Museum Store in downtown Bellingham and in Montana at Bad Rock Books, Columbia Falls.  

Also available on Amazon and Kindle.

Tevye the Magical Theater Cat won First Prize from Chanticleer Reviews in the 2018 Little Peeps Early Readers Book Contest and received a Purple Dragonfly Book Award from Story Monsters 2019

The Moon and Star, Another Lesson from Cats
The Moon and Star

Star, a tiny white cat, finds some days can be quite challenging.  She falls into a fish pond.  She moves away from her forever home to a college town in Oregon.  She even experiences the loss of her best friend.  But Star discovers special powers from the Moon.  From its magical light she finds a constant source of solace in an otherwise unpredictable life.  When she focuses on the light of the Moon, she delights in peace and joy from living in the moment.

Available now In Bellingham, Washington at Allied Arts, Lightcatcher Art Museum Store, Hamann's Gallery and Gift Shop (Barkley Village), and Whatcom Art Market (in Fairhaven), in the Northwest Art Museum Store in LaConner, in Seattle at Phinney Avenue Books, Third Place Books, Snapdoodle Toys and Games, Island Books (Mercer Island), and Homeschool Potpourri (Kirkland): and, in Montana, at Bad Rock Books in Columbia Falls.  Also available now in Oregon at Cloud & Leaf Books in Manzanita.; Stargate in Eugene; Books 'n' Bears, Florence

Also available on Amazon and Kindle.

Grand Champion Winner For 2017 Little Peep Book Awards for Early Readers

2018 Winner - Story Monsters Purple Dragonfly Children's Books

Midnight and Moonlight, a Story of Friendship
Midnight and Moonlight

Midnight and Moonlight are not much alike at all.  Midnight is sleek and black.   Moonlight is fluffy and white.  But when they ride in a box from the pet store to a new home, the two cats quickly become best friends.  Moonlight likes doll beds, being cradled and guarding an aquarium full of fish.  Midnight would rather curl up with a dog, climb a tree, or catch a mouse.  Despite being unalike in many ways, the cats soon discover that being different really does not matter when you are with your best friend.

Available now jn Bellingham, Washington at Allied Arts, Lightcatcher Art Museum Store and Hamann's Gallery and Gift Shop (Barkley Square) and Whatcom Art Market (Fairhaven), in LaConner at Northwest Art Museum Store, in Seattle at Phinney Avenue Books,  Snapdoodle Toys and Games, Island Books (Mercer Island), and Homeschool Potpourri (Kirkland); in Omak at The Corner Shelf; in Chelan at Riverwalk Books; in Montana at Bad Rock Books (Columbia Falls), in Oregon at Cloud & Leaf Books (Manzanita), Stargate (Eugene), Books 'n'Bears (Florence)

Also available on Amazon and Kindle.

Winner of Purple Dragonfly Children's Books 2016 Honorable Mention

Grand Champion Winner for Little Peeps 2017 Book Awards from Chanticleer Reviews

Spanish translation of Midnight and Moonlight

Dos Amigos, Una Historia de la Amistad


Medianoche y Luz de Luna no eran my parecidos.  Medianoche es negro y elegante.  Luz de Luna es blanco y mullido.  Su amistad comienza cuando van a casa, acumucados en una caja, desde la tienda de mascotas.  Se convierten en mejores amigos a pesar de que Luz de Luna ama las camas de las munecas, y abrazos, y proteger un acuario de peces.  Medianoche prefiere dormir arrollado con un perro, trepar a los arboles o atrapar un raton. Aunque son opuestos en muchos aspectos, encuentran que las diferencias no importan cuando estas con tu mejor amigo.  Dos Amigos es una historia conmovedora sobre dos gatos my diferentes, cuya amistad es lo que importa mas que cualquier otra cosa. 

Available on Amazon and Kindle or at Whatcom Art Market or Allied Arts, Bellingham, WA

A Mental Health Counselor and 100 Single People show you how to be happy

Blissfully Single, A Single's Guide to Finding Happiness

Licensed mental health therapist Peggy Sullivan offers insight, practical advice and exercises to light up your life journey so that it shines with joy. She interviewed 100 single men and women, ages 20 to 90 and from Hawaii to London, to gather real life examples of how other singles have found happiness. A global pandemic may offer more challenges for single people, but this can be a time for self-exploration and personal growth as well. Sullivan offers research-proven methods to increase your sense of well-being, create a supportive environment, reduce stress and improve your physical and mental health. This book is rich with examples and suggestions to save money, fill your days with fun, increase your social life and find peace in everyday life. Therapy combined with a speed-dating banquet with single friends, it gives space to create a plan for the future as well as to celebrate your life and the amazing, unique person that you are.

Now available at Village Books or Whatcom Art Market, in Fairhaven, or Allied Arts in Bellingham, Washington. 

First Prize from  Chanticleer International Book Reviews I & I division 2020.

Honorable Mention award from Story Monsters, Royal Dragon Award for Psychology 2020

A Marriage Counselor reveals the secrets for successful relationships

Twelve Secrets of Happily Ever After Couples

Newest edition - Now available in paperback version and on Kindle - Relationship tips from 16 years as family advocate and 13 years as couples counselor - A Love Prescription to enhance any relationship at any age.  Find it at Whatcom Art Market or Allied Arts in Bellingham, WA or order from your favorite bookstore or ask your librarian to acquire it.

Finding Happiness for Couples
Love Prescription

Twelve secrets of happily ever after couples, pulled from professional and personal experience by mental health counselor and relationship expert Peggy Sullivan, support enduring relationships that grow stronger along life's journey.     

Available now only as an E book at Barnes and Noble

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