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Indoor Adventures for Rainy Days

Enjoying the peace of a rainy day is a spring treat. Lounging in a comfy chair, with the sound of raindrops drumming on the roof is a favorite retreat for me. Rain adds a soft gentle grayness to the scenery. The sound of water is calming. I can easily find happiness on a rainy day.

But if you don't see yourself in my scenario, there are lots of other things that you can do. Maybe some new ideas for inside fun would be helpful. From Blissfully Single, here's some activities that could transform your rainy day into a spring adventure:

  • Surf the internet and plan a future trip

  • Paint

  • Sculpt with clay

  • Make a video

  • Climb an indoor rock climbing wall

  • Read a whole novel

  • Rearrange the furniture

  • Watch a documentary

  • Play card games

  • Do crossword puzzles

  • Have lunch with a friend

  • Take a long shower and sing loudly

  • Play a musical instrument

  • Bake bread, cake, or cookies

  • Play pool, darts, ping pong

  • Make jewelry

  • Go bowling

  • Get a massage

  • Write poetry about rain

  • Explore a museum

  • Take a sauna bath

  • Call a friend or family member

  • Go to the movies

  • Spend time in silent meditation

  • Clean a forgotten corner of your home

  • Get a haircut

  • Go to the library and find something new to learn about

  • Try a new recipe

  • Work on your collection or start a new one

  • Work on family genealogy If you stay busy, you won't go down the dark road of overthinking, ruminating about past actions that you can't change or worrying about the future you can't predict. Regrets and worries won't bring you the blissful life you seek. New experiences are more likely to materialize when you focus on having fun today. You will enjoy a stimulating, varied life. Life alone isn't necessarily boring. You're free to do what you want. You can explore new things and allow yourself to expand. Take a chance on a new activity to find your bliss. -- From Blissfully Single, A Single's Guide To Happiness, by Peggy Sullivan

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