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Picky Cats Food Trial

The Shadow Walkers, Fiona and Bridget, are not on a diet. In fact, they need to eat more. Bridget had dental decay as a young cat and had most of her teeth pulled. Two years ago she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and had a radio isotope treatment to zap the thyroid tumor that was causing her to lose weight. She'd never been a big eater and her recovery depended on her getting good nutrition. As she is a picky eater, I give her whatever she wants, which might be treats like Temptations or Greenies or baked chicken.

Now Fiona has hypothyroidism and is being treated with medication. She also needs to eat more to keep up her weight and to stay as healthy as possible. She's also a picky eater so I give her any wet food she'll eat that allows me to sneak in the medication. One day she'll love Sheba pate' and then the next day she'll decide she doesn't like it any more. I'll buy her favorite food and then have to change to something else and it takes a lot of trial and error to discover what that might be.

When I saw these cat food samples at our favorite pet store, it inspired me to set up a taste test experiment. I lined up similar containers next to the current dry food dish and shook in a sample of each new kind.

Being cats, they were curious and would try the new kinds of food. And they liked the attention.

First, Fiona headed straight for the yellow container. We shall see at the end of the day, which was the favorite.

This day started with a beauty treatment. Both Fiona and Bridget were brushed with the wire brush and the plastic massage brush. Then nails were trimmed.

Nothing like a special treatment to make your day.

Which reminds me, I need to make an appointment for a massage for myself.

We all can use a little special attention.

Follow up:

Fromm's Chicken was a clear winner and was gobbled up quickly when I put the rest of the packet in the food dish. Another trip to the pet store......

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