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Peace and Poetry

February is all about peace and love. Here's a fun way to spread the love for sure. This is the fourth year I've taken part in a world peace poetry postcard project. That's such a mouthful. I have to pause and check myself when I talk about it. It means that every day in February, I mail a postcard with a new poem I wrote especially for the month. Each goes out to another peace poet in the group. After January darkness, diets, and doing without, it's time to realize we're halfway to the spring equinox and start celebrating!

In addition to the poems, I usually make my own postcards. So double the play! These were done with pastels or watercolor. I've also used collage as my art form. If I see a beautiful postcard during the year, I'll buy it and save it for this month.

30 postcards, 30 poems: is a lot of positive thinking. I often find inspiration for my poems while out on my daily walks. Because I'm paying attention to peace, I pick up ideas from everything I hear and see. I'm thinking about peace and love all month, so I can feel the happiness and peace.

I can feel the peace and love spreading out around the world. The postmen's bags and bins are full of something happy for sure. A sense of poetic community

I'm looking forward to the peace poetry postcards coming back to me from across the country and beyond. My poetic community expands.

If you want to do this next year, leave your email address in the comments and I'll be sure to let you know in time to join us.

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