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Inspiration for peace poetry - Poetry from My Happy Book

Updated: 3 days ago

I was stuck one day... The World Peace Poetry Postcard February Project requires 28-30 new poems. I was half way through the month and couldn't think of what to write about. I'd gone on a garden tour and been inspired. I'd gone for walks in the forest and been inspired. I'd written about my sweet sister cats. Sometimes peaceful images came spontaneously. But this day I didn't have any ideas.

What I did have was a list of fifty things that make me smile, from my own Happy Book. So I looked at some of the possibilities:

  • A surprisingly vibrant sunset

  • Moonlight on snow, magical light sparkling in the dark

  • Watching wind bend the trees and lightning making a light show during a storm

  • A warm smile, reaching up to crinkly eyes, just for me

  • Cuddling with my cats, stroking their soft fur and hearing them purr

  • Hugs from my children and grandchildren

  • Swimming in a cool lake on a hot summer day

  • Watching someone read one of my books

  • Croissants and cafe au lait at a sidewalk cafe

  • Moonlight on the water

  • The sound of ocean surf, pounding the shore

  • The feel of soft, warm sand under my feet

  • Being rocked to sleep on a boat

  • Hearing birds sing in the forest and smelling the scent of evergreens

I could see the beginnings of poetry, words that sung in my head and slipped onto the pages. Here are some of the poems inspired by my happy list:

Baby giggles of grandsons

entranced with life,

making play from ordinary things

and giving peanut butter hugs.

Returning to my fireplace-warmed gingerbread house

to a reward of hot lemon-ginger tea

in a mug designed with memories.

Snuggling with a velvet-furred cat,

purring on my lap,

while I lose myself

in yet another adventure

within the pages of a book.

Gentle rain tapping on my roof,

drops sliding down my window,

gathering in puddles in quiet places.

Moonlight on water,

steamy creamy clam chowder

in a paper cup.

I think that maybe I'll put the best ones in a book someday, but for now I'm just happy to have them read. I hope that there were some that inspired joy and peace for you.

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